Happily Ever After

When I think of fire, I think of the sun

When I think of fire, I think of the sun

“The best thing you could do is master the chaos in you. You are not thrown into the fire, you are the fire.”
― Mama Indigo

I’ve started a new project recently.  Today’s the official Day One.  It’s about being happy in my life and with my husband.  Basic stuff really.  And yet both have been rather out of my reach for a few years.  In many ways this writing space has helped me with that and so perhaps I’m simply stating the obvious.  But sometimes that’s a good place to start.  That and a little knowledge of why.  I’ve spent too many therapy sessions to count sorting out the why – I’ve got a fairly good handle on it.  So I’ll keep this announcement brief and to the point.

I’ve asked for help from a fun lady who also happens to be a highly-skilled Marriage and Family Therapist, Megan Kelly Smith.  She’s giving me daily assignments for 21 days.  These assignments are meant to help me shift my perspective to reveal the reality of my life for what it is right here and right now:  my own personal happily-ever-after.

I’m pretty excited about this because it’s clear to me that Megan’s got a strong handle on the process of building a truly happy self.  And I know that I’ve been doing years of prep work to launch myself far from my current point of departure.  I’ve completed my Foundational Assignment and my Day One and will be sending them off to her shortly.  I’ll definitely report back here at Day Twenty-One and maybe sooner if something really wants to be written.   But the truth is that I’ll be doing a lot of journal writing off-blog so a Final Report may well be sufficient.

Here’s to reaping the many benefits of self-mastery and fire-safety!

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