Hey look! I’ve got a body. And if you’re reading this so do you! I use my body 24 /7 as a mom. In the mornings I use my body as a Pilates instructor. This blog is about the in between times when I use my body for what I think is it’s higher purpose, to self heal and contribute to the advancement of all humanity. It’s a slow process and this is my space for recording and reflecting on that process. Thank you for joining me here.

Here are the topics that I think are relevant to that process:  All things health related. All intersections of culture and our bodies (food, healing and self care practices, relationships, education, living with and caring for children, are a few examples)

Oh and another thing, I love to make things.  All sorts of things.  From time to time there may very well be some documenting of what I think are crafty ideas here too.

Due to the highly personal content of this blog, I write under a pen name.

This space was conceived of for personal use.  It holds potential to benefit me and my hope has always been that as I serve myself so I serve others.  I have chosen to include links to materials that I find supportive and inspiring with the amazon.com associates program and I am also part of the MELT method affiliate program.  This means that when and if a reader clicks on a link from my site to amazon.com or MELTmethod.com and choses to purchase the item which I’ve recommended, a small portion of the income is shared with me.  This is a way that readers can offer their support to me, the author.  It seems only right to be open about that so that when such an action is taken it is the result of conscious choice.

If you are local to the San Francisco Bay Area and interested in Pilates training with me, please email me lizatwist (at) gmail (dot) com.

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