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It has been several hours short of twenty four and I have another Oakland-ish story to share. This is the kind that makes me giggle to myself while driving along. I don’t mind writing that I’m pleased with myself for having this blog because in my pre-blog days this sort of happening would melt from my memory like a dream usually before I could share a laugh with anybody. So sad. But those sad and lonely days are over. Oh joy!

Our neighborhood is a busy one with lots of pedestrians and short little intersections. I first caught sight of this particular man as I yielded to his right of way. Given my penchant for body analysis, I was enjoying watching his somewhat peculiar gait and how high up he carried his well-used LL Bean back back. He was definitely an adult (I’d estimate that he’s circled the sun somewhere in the range of 40-60 years) and yet he had an energetically contrived, walk.

After he took his turn, I took mine and as we were going in the same direction for a brief spot of time, and as he was jay walking so as to shave some time off his trip, he happened to be very close to my open window when he heatedly exclaimed:

“Well I’ve shaven my entire f**king chest down to here…..” (pointing to the base of his chest bone).

And then he turned up the hill leaving me to wonder if he meant to share that important piece of information with me, or perhaps he had a blue tooth apparatus on the ear that was just out of my view. I’ll never know. But now, I’ve had myself a good laugh. And that will have to suffice.

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