Road Glee

This morning I laughed out loud at a bumper sticker. I just love when that happens. As I reveled in my gaiety I realized how grateful I was for people who decorate their bumpers with thoughts that I find funny.

Lest I forget what I read this morning, here it is:

“Where are we going and why are we in a hand basket?”

And even though I’ll probably never forget this one, I could not write a post on this topic without mentioning it:

“I’m going nucking futs”

(this is particularly funny to me given my father’s long time love of spoonerisms, and not so honorable, but rather frequent use of the curse word featured in this particular one. It just so happens to be my personal favorite much to my husband’s chagrin and I’m sure mine once I hear my little carry on the family tradition.)

Although I’m not sure if there are any readers out there…Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s to a day with gleeful travels and full bellies!

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