Come Out Come Out Where Ever You Are!

It’s June in Oakland and I’ve been noticing some rainbows in our neighborhood which reminds me the it’s about the time of year when I used to go to Pride with my friends back when we were in our twenties.  For the most part, they were lesbians, which is why Pride was an important event to attend.  I went to support my friends, it was not a particularly magical excursion for me since most of what I remember is hanging out on the street amidst lots and lots of people, although to be fair, I usually spent a relatively short amount of time at the event since my weekend calendars usually had multiple activities (ah to be young and un-obliged).  In one sense, just the mass of people was enough to make it special.  But I’m sure for folks who are much more involved in the community, it’s a more significant event.

Now I catch a glimpse of the rainbow flag flying from my neighbor’s window and the rainbow eyeglasses display laid out over a giant pink triangle while I’m out for a bike/walk with my nearly two year old.  And I think with a smile of fondness, “oh it must be Pride season”.  And I think about Harvey Milk and what a service he did us all by just being openly who he was and encouraging each and every one of us to do the same.  (I absolutely loved MILK).

Mostly I’m grateful to live in a place that welcomes anybody and everybody.  While I have been very minimally involved in any aspect of the gay-rights movement, at any and every point in my life, there is one story about the movement from which I always derive inspiration:  let love.  Celebrate love.  Welcome love,  Be love.  Love.  Love.  Love!  From there I go on to say a little prayer for every person who is present on this planet:  love yourself, be who you are!  This world of ours will certainly be the better for it!

Have a Love-filled day!

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