Slimming Down with Pilates

pilates boost 07-27-13

WEEKLY STATS  Weight: 150   Waist:  33″  Hips:  41″  Thighs:  23″

This past week was a rather quiet introverted one because I got my period.  I have made a practice out of expending less energy and being more introspective in accordance with the natural rhythm of my body.  While I worked out every day, I did milder workouts which focused more on the smooth quality of movement and less on high energy muscle engagement.   We women are lucky in that we have a built in system for honoring the ups and downs of our energy levels.  Long ago, I chose to embrace, rather than work against, the natural ebbs and flows of my hormonal cycles.

My quiet practice has yielded some wonderful results with respect to my ongoing aches and pains. I spent a good deal of time this week sensing my pelvic floor since that is the site of my long-standing injury.  I have Holistic Biomechanics to thank for my particular approach this week.  It has been such a relief to experience less discomfort as a result of my efforts.

I’ve also noticed a diminishing interest in sweets.  While in my mind, I still often consider having a sweet treat, opting not to is much easier than it has been for a while.  I had a feeling that as I started to exercise more my body would shift toward a healthier overall mode of operation.  It seems, at least for now, that my idea was correct.

I do seem to be slimming down, both in how I feel and how I look in the photos.  But the stats don’t necessarily reflect these changes.  This is not an exact science, by any means.  And perhaps the weekly recording is still too frequent.  I’m looking forward to seeing the results after month and further along.  For now though, I’m feeling good.  And that is, perhaps, the most important measure of all.

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