Boosting my Confidence with Pilates

pilates boost 08-03-13

WEEKLY STATS  Weight: 151.5   Waist:  33″  Hips:  40″  Thighs:  23″

This week is proving my previous point, sometimes the important work that is happening inside doesn’t reflect in measurements.  While I’ve actually put on a little weight and failed to lose much in inches this past week, I’ve turned a real corner in another area of my life:  my self-confidence is making a serious comeback.

This is very good news.  As I’ve written before, the past two years have been very challenging on a personal level for me.  The biggest outward expression of that has been my sense of confidence and how I interact with the world.  I’ve been addressing this all the while that it’s been happening, but only now have I turned a corner.  Was my Pilates Body Boost the tipping point?  I can’t know for sure, but it certainly is feeling like a worthwhile venture.  I’m feeling increasingly better in every possible way.  While I am just as determined to slim down simply because I feel that it is important to maintain a degree of control over my weight and in doing so, uphold a normal level of health; the fact that I’m feeling less depressed and more optimistic is huge.  It is as if my personal storm clouds are finally dispersing.  Having a more positive outlook overall means that I don’t get so down and out every time I consider my extra bits.  To me, that is a preferable way to be in my body.

When I was working with my teachers regularly, many made note of the impact that Pilates has on our sense of confidence.  Sometime back I wrote about this idea of physical confidence.  This week as I was marveling at my own switch over to the sunny side I realized that this is probably a big part of the reason that people fall in love with Pilates.  Yes, it makes us feel great on a physical level, and yes it makes us look great too.  But there is the less tangible greatness that may be even more captivating.  Because no matter how you look or feel at the physical level, if you feel good at an emotional level you are so much better off.

Pilates is just all around good and I am so grateful to have it in my life.


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