Pilates for a Balanced Life

pilates boost 08-24-13


WEEKLY STATS  Weight: 150.5   Waist:  33″  Hips:  40″  Thighs:  22″

The good news first:  I have been very diligent about my workouts.  And while my stats are decidedly unimpressive, the photos reveal that I am steadily growing slimmer.  So my outlook remains good.  I must pat myself on the back because I’ve managed to keep up and thrive in my Pilates practice during a very challenging time.

The bad news second:  Last week was the peak of challenge – days on end without a single stop – I could not believe how much there was to do in every single moment.  And I’m still recovering.  Today is another photo shoot day in my studio which means a lot of work for me.  But it is the last of four and I’m soooo happy to have that project under my belt.  It will be a while before I actually have the photos to work with but my part of the project is almost done.  It was more than I really could do, so it will be good to return to “normal”.

Who would I be without my constantly developing thoughts and ideas about Pilates and life in general?  Today that’s all on hold as I wrap up this wonderful project which has truly been a lot of fun and a great satisfaction for me.

Today, I’ll try a novel approach and take on just one thing at a time.  Starting….now.  Wishing every reader a balanced day!

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