Time to Return to Life (with Pilates, of course)

I finally clued in to the reality of these days:  I need to refine my focus for the next couple weeks.  Next week our family heads East to attend the Taproot Gathering, and I am just now wrapping my head around the idea of tidying up loose ends and preparing for unplugging.  It will be a quick trip for us, but a much needed break from the normal.  As I gather my wits, it’s dawning on me that the timing is perfect.  Once we return, I’ve got a solid two months of special projects and happenings in my professional and personal life.  So it’s seeming all the more sane to get organized, unplug, and then re-enter with a renewed sense of vigor and enthusiasm for what awaits me.

I will continue with my Pilates Body Boost, but I won’t share any thoughts or developments on the topic here for a couple weeks.  I’m letting myself off the hook for any writing projects other than the ones that demand to be completed (in other words, the one’s that stand between me and myself – because those sorts do pop up at the most unexpected times, there’s no planning for them).

So here’s to returning to life in all senses of the phrase but always with Pilates!

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