Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month…

I’d like to share some things that I’ve done over the years to keep my breasts healthy.  It was my acupuncturist who first suggested breast massage to me.  He gave me links to two online sources which proved very helpful.  Here’s the first one.   And here’s the second one.  Back then regular massage alleviated the soreness that I experienced in conjunction with my menstrual cycle.

When I became pregnant I experienced what felt like extreme breast soreness.  I was not in any way inclined to touch my breasts during that time.  But when I did manage to grin and bear the initial discomfort of contact, the massage proved helpful once again.  Unfortunately for me, I was so exhausted and nauseated that I didn’t have the fortitude to do the massage regularly enough to experience complete relief.  But somehow I was glad to know that the possibility existed.

Once our bundle of joy joined us and I recovered from the early pain of breastfeeding (curse-worthy for at least a couple weeks), I was still indisposed to massage my breasts regularly.  Eventually, I found Lady Nada’s Breast Oil  and boy was I happy!  A quick nightly application yielded the same results as breast massage in far less time.

Someday when I’m not caring for a little one, I’ll go back to regular breast massages and I’ll use Rupam’s oil for a double benefit.  I’ll leave the cancer prevention portion of this topic to the experts (links above), but I do feel compelled to note what I consider to be the most significant benefits of breast massage (aside from the possibility of avoiding death).  Regular massage and application of Lady Nada’s Breast Oil both improve the shape and feel of my breasts by supporting the tissues of which they are composed.  Additionally, another of my acupuncturists recently explained to me that our liver channel runs through our breasts.  Since the liver influences our hormonal levels, regular breast massage also has a balancing effect on our hormones.  For anybody who has ever felt the effects of hormonal imbalance, I’m pretty confident that the simple act of regularly massaging one’s breasts would be a fair trade for avoiding such unpleasantness.

So here’s to healthy breasts and celebrating the simple things we can do to keep them healthy for a life time!

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