How Long Does it Take to Establish a New (and better) Habit?

A world of possibilities...

A world of possibilities…

A while back, a client clued me into this TED talk on the topic of taking on new projects.  I was intrigued and indeed keen to know more about the thirty days that Matt Cutts suggests.  His justifications were somewhat inspiring, but I was looking for a little more information on the topic.

A quick google search yielded this myth-busting article and this one with tips aplenty.  For me, it’s the plan that makes it.  When I’m determined to really do something beyond my usual, I draft a plan and I set up some framework to keep myself accountable.  This approach has worked for me since I was around twelve years old and I’ve accomplished nearly everything that I set out to accomplish.  It’s good to remind myself of that when I’m feeling like an underachiever.

I realize that not everybody is into resolutions or personal transformation.  To each his own.  But it’s good to know that even a person who doesn’t make a habit of new habits can apply some simple rules to get ‘er done, got ‘er did when it’s really worth doing.

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