What We’ve Been Watching on Youtube Lately

I do believe that it’s time for another youtube share.  Yes, my kid watches youtube.  I’m slowly coming to terms with it.  Neither of my parents had a TV when I was very young.  My mom got one when I was around five but my dad held out until my stepmom grabbed the bull by the horns when I was nine.  I went to a waldorf preschool right up the street from our home.  I have been holding that life in that beautiful neighborhood with watercolors, swings, classical music, and lovely books read aloud in front of the fire ever since its conclusion.  I always thought that when I became a parent I’d recreate it.  Clearly the world is a different place than it was in the late seventies.  Computers, ipads, iphones and a big screen on our living room wall are permanent fixtures.  My husband is a techie, there’s no way out of that reality.  It was pointed out to me by a very wise person that an important part of being a parent is sharing our life with our children.  All these gadgets are part of our life, we derive all sorts of pleasures from using them.  It would be incongruous to prevent our child from having that same opportunity.  Clearly I’m working through this….

All that aside, I must admit that it’s been fun to see what my son finds when he goes searching around.  Obviously, he’s not the only one who finds cool stuff on youtube.  Here’s the latest round up.

My kid is apparently part of the majority in that he loves to watch cats, he found this himself:

This one came by way of my t’ai chi chuan teacher, it’s a testament to the power of full bodymind  control:

This one came by way of the same Aunt who makes the tasty chocolate mint squares.  Another testament to full bodymind control:

My husband found this one.  It is good for a creating a shift in perspective:

And here’s another one from my husband.  I took it as a valuable reminder of the ever-changing nature of reality.  Constancy with respect to anything other than change is a myth:

Happy Viewing!

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