My Favorite Ways to Warm Up in a Hurry – Before My Pilates Client Arrives

It’s cold and dark outside, I’m in the studio waiting for my client.  I’ve got 2-5 minutes to do something to get myself in gear for teaching, but I’ve probably got a full stomach.  These are some quick, whole body exercises that I do to get warmed up physically, mentally, and energetically so that I will give a good lesson that doesn’t leave me drained at the end.

1) standing arm springs with roll back bar:  skiing
2)  standing arm springs with roll back bar:  shaving
3)  wunda:  footwork tendon stretch with pull ups
4)  standing double leg stretch (use your imagination)
5)  ladder barrel short box series with swedish bar stretch
6)  foot corrector and 2×4

Here’s to getting through the last bits of winter…spring is on its way!

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Ways to Warm Up in a Hurry – Before My Pilates Client Arrives

  1. Reiner

    Hi, I like the idea, but … we all come from different schools and use different names. Photos would be great to illustrate the execution you meant.

    1. elizatwist Post author

      Thanks Reiner! I know, I know, I’m pretty lame with photos which is problematic as a blogger. I will work on it…stay tuned for updates!

  2. Andrea Maida 

    Hey I like all of these – I too do the Short Box on the Ladder Barrel while waiting – it’s my go to actually. I also like the backbends there and the handstands – the upside down gives me instant energy! Others of my tiny warm ups include rolling back on the Cadillac (also the 1 arm version) and the single leg springs. I sometimes just start my mat if I know someone will be late and see how far I get…when a client is 15 minutes late due to traffic – I’ve gotten nearly all of a mat workout in 🙂 Woo Hoo!

    Although perhaps by then I have lost interest in them actually coming, so maybe not so helpful – LOL.


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